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Cleaning Instructions

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How to Clean & Use a Keurig

…® pack. [+] De-scaling Instructions Coffee grounds in the cup Coffee grounds may have gathered in the exit needle from a K-Cup ® pack so you'll need to clean the needle. * Remove and clean the exit needle in accordance with the K-Cup ® holder cleaning instructions. * Perform a small-cup cleansing…

Frequently Asked Questions

…Answer Coffee grounds from a portion pack may have gathered in the exit needle. To clean the needle, follow these steps: * Remove and clean the exit needle in accordance with the K-Cup ® holder cleaning instructions. * Perform a small-cup cleansing brew and look for any grounds coming out. * Repeat…

Consumer Care

…content, then you should consider descaling more often. How do I descale the system? + Lien vers vidéo For step-by-step instruction, please turn to page 29 of the Use Instructions. In addition, we have posted a “how to” video on Keurig.ca Are any of the Keurig ® 2.0 System components dishwasher…

Keurig® Hotels coffee services

…pack. Step-by-step pictorial instructions allow anyone to operate the machine with ease, and its styling, shape and size allows it to be placed nearly anywhere. For your staff, there are no carafes or drip baskets to clean, no glass that can shatter and no grounds to clean up. Whether traveling for…

Keurig Site Map

…chai latte > keurig classic > keurig cleaning > keurig coffee flavors > keurig coffee machine > keurig coupon > keurig cup sizes > keurig descale > keurig espresso > keurig flavors > keurig hot chocolate > keurig instructions > keurig k cup holder > keurig k…

Frequently Asked Questions: K-Cups & Beverages Support

…environment and wildlife are protected, workers receive decent wages, improvement of living conditions including access to education, medical care and clean water, and that coffee is harvested and processed responsibly. Question Back to top Can I make hot cocoa with my brewer? Answer Yes, you can…

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